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Big wall illustrations for the baby to grow in, invading the space with parallel walls depicting its parents origen countries.

Baby's Room

Venezuela Wall.
Presenting the most iconic landscapes and fauna from this rich and diverse country, in a calm image that brings to live its most iconic characters to enjoy with the kids.

Australia Wall.
In parallel to its counterpart this two walls have similarities in composition and aim, but in this case showcasing Australia's own iconic and diverse landscapes and fauna. 

The main idea was to bring some of the childhood ambient and memories of the parents to their baby's room. After care selection of landscapes and fauna for both of the walls to be easy to compare and tell stories while pointing to different parts of the wall.

The illustration should also have a timeless style since this room got 2 kids growing in it for over a decade. Also it should have big elements and characters as detailed and small ones so they have levels of apreciation while keeping an overall peaceful ambient

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